my name is Samwise Gamgee, normally known as Sam: named, if you haven’t guessed, after a character in Lord of the Rings by Tolkien – mainly because my owner is a reformed hippy.

I’m pretty knackered now, having reached 18 years old. My sight isn’t what it used to be, hearing’s none too good either (eh, what was that?) but once upon a time I was a sprightly pup, terrifying the postman and always ready to bite a Mormon’s ankle (don’t you just hate doorstep proselytizers?)

Sam, waiting for his snackThis is me as a youngster, sharp of tooth and keen of eye, waiting to grab this tasty morsel coming down the snack dispenser chute.

I’ve always liked children – especially with a bit of salt.

This one is Rachel, rather younger in this photo, but still willing to chance her arm (!) with me.




Post meal rest!This is me in my middle years, seen here in a typical pose, hiding round the corner, lying in wait for the coal man. He used to love coming round to our house 🙂

August 1996 RIP

I’m not around any more, as old age finally caught up with me, but I’m sure I’ve left behind a lot of fond memories.