Welcome to the James Family Website

Castletown harbour and Castle

Castletown Harbour and Castle

Hi, welcome to our little corner of the Internet. This site belongs to the James family, resident in Castletown, Isle of Man.

If this is not your first visit then you will notice a few changes, as in order to keep up with the requirements to make this site mobile friendly it has been re-written using WordPress. That means things may now be in different places or may even have disappeared altogether, but development will continue. 

It is, as you probably suspected, another one of those family albums, with information about us and what we get up to. You’ll find some pictures of bikes and model aeroplanes.

It’s at www.iom.org because we live in the Isle of Man, famous for kippers, Manx cats and of course the TT Races. It’s also well known for the quality of its beer which has to be brewed according to the Manx Beer Purity Laws. The 4 breweries on the Island mean that the majority of pubs serve proper cask ales and there are many guest beers available too so we are never short of choice.

So, we do live in a very attractive place, and as well as the family stuff, you will find some interesting information about our home.

There’s also a photo gallery, where you can see some of the pictures I’ve taken. I converted to digital a few years ago after many years of photography with an Olympus OM2. I used to process and print all my own monochrome images but digital makes the whole process a lot simpler, although it doesn’t have the magic of watching an image form on a sheet of paper in the developing bath!

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