Letter to America

[Yep, I know what you’re thinking, starts a blog then doesn’t update it for yonks, guilty as charged. It’s not like I’m short of opinions but somehow time slips by and before you know it, it’s been months.]

So what’s been going on? 

First of all: America, what have you done? Normal people, at least those out here in the civilised world, cannot believe that you have been so stupid as to elect Donald Trump as your president! Blimey! I know it has been quite a few months now so I’m sure the guilt has been settling in to many of those who voted for him. On the positive side, the chances of him making it through 4 whole years look pretty small. If the Russian involvement doesn’t lead to impeachment, maybe the racist, white power supporting twitter outbursts will help you get rid of him.

The sensible element in America must be absolutely mortified by now, not to mention ashamed of the way your country has been damaged by the Donald’s childish tantrums. Paris Agreement anyone? North Korea? Many sports have a disciplinary position for “bringing [insert activity here] into disrepute”. Well, let’s face it, Donald the Dotard has been doing that in spades, and the reputation, not to mention the credit rating, of the USA has suffered tremendously. In fact, it’s not too strong a position to say that America has become a laughing stock. 

You haven’t helped yourselves with that affront to Democracy known as the Electoral College. Come on people, try and become a proper democracy and get rid of it before your next election, otherwise who knows what will happen.

Of course he’s not acting on his own, because you poor saps have a full on racist, homophobic, bigoted party mostly running American politic Yes, it’s the Republican party, a collection of rich white businessmen whose only aim is to make themselves and their businesses richer, however badly it harms the less well off segment of society. Look at the desperate way they want to get rid of Obamacare – no, they don’t have a sensible alternative to offer and yes, it will result in millions of citizens being without healthcare, many of whom will die as a result, but hey, it was installed by a black man so let’s get rid of it. 

Anyway, once again religion is behind a lot of it, because these rich white guys are also Christians™ which means that despite your constitution forbidding religious interference in Federal affairs, their belief means that anything they do to impose their stone age philosophy on everybody else, believers or not, is justified. Gott mit uns!

Here in more civilised places, more and more, religion is assuming its proper place in society, that is being largly ignored and definitely not being allowed to affect laws intended for all citizens, religious or not. It’s way past the time that religious nutters, (because religious belief is a mental health issue) can impose their antiquated and intolerant beliefs on a population that mostly no longer believe.

“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

Denis Diderot*”

That’s all for now folks, cheers!


[* Yes, I know that quote is probably apocryphal, but it does summarise his position nicely and besides, it’s too good a sentiment not to use]



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